NEW - KADODĒ Kampot Fleur de Sel - 100g


This delicate flower of salt (ie Fleur de Sel) is harvested by hand on the surface of sea-water ponds in Kampot. A staple of French gastronomy for centuries, this King of the Salts is available for the first time from Cambodia due to the expertise of our farming partners.

On the Palate

Beautiful, delicate, mild salt flake crystals melt in your mouth and release an unmistakable rich flavour of the sea.

Food Partners:

Sprinkle on dishes to boost their true flavours, a pinch is perfect on salads, vegetables, fish and meats straight off the grill.

All Kadode Kampot Fleur de Sel is 100% traceable to the farm and farmer who produced it by simply entering its alphanumeric code on the ‘Find Your Farmer’ page.


"The thing that's really blown me away with this meal?
That Kampot pepper and lime, Wow! That's great! Oh that's delicious!"  

Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations